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Technicians perform tests to examine the performance of mobile phones, install and update phone software, troubleshoot wiring issues, and replace damaged parts and components such as batteries, LCD screens, keypads, and buttons.

Cell Phone Technicians work in service centers for mobile phones. Examples of Cell Phone Technician duties are greeting customers, identifying cell phone problems, fixing issues, running tests, assessing functionality, replacing parts, and maintaining repair records.

Our Mobile technicians are highly trained individuals that diagnose and fix problems with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They are expected to give troubleshooting and help to clients' mobile operating difficulties as qualified mobile technicians.


Unlocking a cell phone allows consumers to move their cell phone from one network to another compatible network. Some cell phones may contain software that prevents them from being used on different mobile networks even when those networks are technologically compatible. For example, if a consumer purchased a phone from one provider to use on that provider's network, the phone may contain software that prevents it from being operated on another provider's technologically compatible network. This software "locks" the phone to a provider's network. The unlocking process varies by device and by carrier. A carrier may automatically unlock a device after certain conditions are met and complete the unlocking process in-store.


MK Cell Phones is a business that buys and sells both old and new cellphones and accessories. We make it easy for our customers to sell their used smartphones, tablets, and other devices by purchasing them. Then we check, certify, and offer them to anyone searching for a low-cost method to stay connected.

We offer a wide range of cell phones and other electronic products to our customers, including computers, graphic cards, RAM, SSD, HDD, processors, USB, and all computer-related cables, laptops, and much more. We also sell and buy computers and laptops, and we can give you a computer or laptop that meets all of your requirements if you so desire.

We also give software support, upgrades, and new software installation in smartphones, computers, and laptops as needed for your job.


MKcellphones specialize in identifying, troubleshooting, and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer. Our technicians use many tools, techniques, and procedures used to repair computer hardware, software.

During the process, we typically look at the hardware fault requires the physical review of a computer and testing for abnormalities. Suspected components, such as random access memory (RAM), hard disk, power supply, or optical drive may be individually checked, troubleshot, or replaced if an error is detected. This usually requires special equipment and accessories to disassemble and reassemble the computer.

In MKcellphones we do Computer diagnostics by many advanced software programs that are designed to scan the hard disk and other computer hardware components of a computer system and identify any issues that may be hampering the overall performance of that system.


MK-cell phones provide bill payments for the network companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Boost Mobile, etc. We provide the facilities for a new connection and activation. we will make your network upgraded whenever the company updates their network,

The mobile phone network enables wireless communication using mobile devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones or tablets. Mobile phone networks provide the necessary infrastructure and are operated by mobile phone providers and we are able to take care of your full needs.

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